Martina Maggioni 9 January 2023 0

KakaoTalk: how to leverage it for marketing in Korea

KakaoTalk is used by about 91.2% of the Korean population: it is extremely important to know and leverage this platform in your Digital Marketing strategy. Since it was designed specifically for the Korean market, it is the perfect place to promote your brand. The SNS landscape in Korea is different from that in the West. […]

Martina Maggioni 4 January 2023 0

How and why you should use Naver for business

Why should you use Naver for business? Well, it is the most widely used search engine in Korea and therefore the best tool to easily reach your target audience in this country. South Korea is one of the most connected nations in the world: in 2022, Internet penetration among the population reached 98%. Cell phone […]

Martina Maggioni 13 December 2022 0

Digital Marketing Korea: download the 2022 guide

Digital Marketing in Korea is stimulating and fast-paced as is the Korean market, one of the new export frontiers in Asia. With nearly 52 million inhabitants and a GDP growth of 4.1%, South Korea is one of the most interesting countries in the APAC region. Indeed, it has always been a trend-setter for all neighboring […]

Martina Maggioni 12 December 2022 0

Sell online in the Korean market – Join the Webinar!

How to position your brand and sell online in the Korean market? How do you position your brand to sell online in a market as diverse as the Korean one? East Media, in partnership with Koisra, an online business development consulting firm, is organizing a webinar to help companies understand how to position themselves and […]